Confession: I’m a millennial and I LOVE avocado toast. I’ve even bought it out at a restaurant (twice, happy hour, and it was fantastic). 

My love of avocado toast though has actually helped me with my financial goals – but definitely not buying it from a restaurant. 

I have always been a big lover of breakfast and going out to eat. Breakfast and brunch out used to be a special event, usually for a birthday or some other kind of celebration. And then it became a more regular event. And then it became every weekend – sometimes just with my husband and son, sometimes with a big group, but every weekend. We made a habit out of sitting down at a restaurant or at least heading to the coffee shop for a quick breakfast before going for a walk through the park. It was a quick, laid back way to enjoy the weekend with a baby, but it definitely wasn’t cheap (or healthy most of the time). 

Avocado toast isn’t usually on the menu though, and I love avocado toast. Hence, if I was going to eat it somewhat regularly, I was going to make it at home. Avocados aren’t that cheap up here in the northwest, so this breakfast doesn’t come in at under $1 a serving, but it definitely saves over going out to eat. 

  • Avocado: $3
  • 2 slices of toast: 33¢
  • Pat of local butter: 3¢
  • Two local eggs: $1.17
  • Coffee w/cream and sugar: $1

$5.53/person x 3 = $16.59

(toddler eats a lot, but not quite as much as a whole adult, and my husband eats a lot – construction worker – so they average out to two adults) 

An average breakfast out usually costs us $15/person plus 10% tax and 20% tip = $59.40. Yikes. Multiply that by 8, and the relatively expensive avocado toast at home saves us $342.48 a month, or $4,109.76. Ouch. Thankfully, we’ve cut our weekend breakfasts out to maybe twice a month now. Avocado toast (along with bacon and eggs, from scratch pancakes, French toast on brioche, etc) help to make it so it doesn’t feel like we’re “missing out” by eating breakfast at home, but instead it’s something to look forward to. 

The biggest pieces of this puzzle for us have been 1) break the habit of eating out as our weekend routine 2) making sure we have all the ingredients we need on hand. If we have to make a list and walk to the grocery store before making our breakfast, odds are we’ll just keep going and have someone else make it for us. 

Bonus points: the toddler can run around and make a mess and we don’t have to chase him around a restaurant. He’s a pretty laid back guy, but we’d somehow deluded ourselves into thinking it was easier to have someone else make our food even when we had to entertain a squirmy toddler and keep him in his seat. 

Once again, I’m learning that I am a VERY pattern oriented person. Once I got used to eating out, I didn’t even consider having weekend breakfast foods on hand at home. Now that we’ve reversed the habit, I’m loving our quiet mornings at home once again. We haven’t lost anything, but maybe gained some peaceful time instead. Plus, I like my coffee better. 

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